Interesting Landmarks Of Columbus Ohio

Interesting Landmarks Of Columbus Ohio

Columbus is widely known for its bustling metro and it’s ever so populated counties. The city of Columbus has also received numerous awards for its remarkably educated workforce and its technological and business buzz. In addition to these things, Columbus houses some of the most culturally diverse landmarks.

Within the city of Columbus, there are numerous notable landmarks scattered throughout. Some of these include the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the Greek Revival State Capitol, the Wexner Center designed by Peter Eisenman and the Judicial Center of Ohio. Apart from those mentioned, there are other interesting places such as One Nationwide Plaza, LeVeque Tower and Rhodes State Office Tower.

A 10-acre piece of land was donated by a group of four landowners residing in Columbus, this led to the beginning of construction of the Ohio Statehouse in 1839. The Statehouse was constructed from limestone which came from the Marble Cliff Quarry where it stood on a foundation that was 5.5 meters deep. In the olden days, it was rumoured that the masons who worked on the site were jailed for infractions which were mostly minor. One of the most astonishing features of the Statehouse is that of a recessed porch located centrally in the building.

However, the construction style around the states capital was as a result of seven well known architects who were employed within the 22 years of construction that the Statehouse took before completion. Heating and a naturally ventilated system were introduced to the building by Nathan Kelly where he was later dismissed on the account of his initial design being much too lavish. In 1861, the Statehouse was finally completed, however, it was publicly opened in 1857 and can be found at High and Broad Streets intersection.

The Jefferson Center for Arts and Learning was commissioned in 1975 as a center for governance and leadership, publications, research, seminars and it was also that of a non-profit ogranization. The center also became responsible for the restoration of the childhood home of Mr. James Thurber and they also restored 11 other homes. These locations were then used to facilitate non-profit services such as arts and education. In 1992 a statue of Santa Maria was erected on the riverfront of Scioto to celebrate Columbus’s discovery of America exactly 500 years ago at the time.

In conclusion, Columbus Ohio has a rich architectural history filled with diverse culture. If ever you’re taking a vacation to Ohio, these sites are a must see!